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4L 2018

Off to the Melbourne Museum!

August 20, 2018 by misscooper1   

Last week the grade four students set off on an adventure to the Melbourne Museum. We visited the First People’s exhibition to learn more about the Indigenous Australians and then spent some time exploring the rest of the museum. Here’s what some of the 4L students had to say about the day:

“We went to the First People’s exhibition and I learnt that Indigenous Australians made blankets for their babies out of possum skin. They added to the blankets with more possum skin as the baby grew” –  Nate

“I learnt that Phar Lap was a really good racer but sadly he was poisoned. I also learnt that Wominjeka means welcome” – Summer

“At the First People’s exhibition there was a big map of Australia. When you pressed the button in different areas it spoke in different Aboriginal languages. There were over 250 Aboriginal languages. I also loved seeing the dinosaurs in the Dinosaur Walk” –  Stefano

“I saw an old fashioned house at the museum. In the Olden Days they had really small houses but fit 8 people inside. I also learnt that Phar Lap had the biggest heart of any race horse. At the First People’s exhibit I learnt that Indigenous Australians painted themselves for ceremonies” – Mikayla



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