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4L 2018

September, 2018

  1. St John’s Ambulance Visit

    September 19, 2018 by misscooper1

    BEN!!! Watch out for the water! Oh no, I slipped! I can’t help the person who has collapsed anymore because I forgot to check for danger! A few weeks ago, St John’s Ambulance came and talked to us about first aid.

    Firstly, we talked when we are trying to help someone, we first need to make sure that we don’t walk in to anything that could hurt us. For example, we could be walking on water and slip on the ground and hurt our head or bruise it.

    Secondly there was response the first thing you did was to talk to them. If they respond then they are conscious, if they don’t respond then they are unconscious. the second thing was to squeeze their shoulders. We do this because then you’re putting pressure on the shoulders. We had to test doing this stuff on a test dummy called Frank.

    Send For Help
    Did you know that you can actually call 000 without needing to know the phones password. Yes I know, it’s pretty ridiculous but how you do it is go in the password section with all the numbers and on the bottom left you will see something that says emergency. Then you will be able to call 000. The first thing they will ask you is what state you’re from. Why is that? Because you could be calling someone from let’s say Queensland then they will ask your address, gender age etc.

    If someone is choking what you could do is get the grip on both of your hands. Put one hand one the chin and one hand on the forehead. Then After that you get all the gunk out of their cheeks, gums and tongue. It might sound gross but it’s the most efficient way to do it. After that make sure you clean your hands because then you might have germs on it!

    To make sure if someone is breathing, you have to get them into the recovery position. First get the furthest arm from the person and put it on the side like a starfish and make sure that the palm of the hand is facing upwards. Then get the other arm and put it on the other shoulder. Next, get the closest knee and put it up like a triangle. [Put one of your hands on the knee and the other one the back.] After, roll them over gently and get the knee to put on the other side. Finally, get your hands n the L grip position, open the mouth and tilt the head so that the air can get into it.

    If needed, you can give the person CPR.          

    The last thing was defibrillation. This is a special machine that helps a person who needs CPR.

    All that was something called DRSABCD. We didn’t do much for C and D because we haven’t really learnt that yet. Thank you for reading. Bye!!

    By Mehran and Oliver 4L.


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