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4L 2018

Robotics and technology

August 21, 2018 by misscooper1   

I love robots and technology!

My name is Abanoub and favourite thing at school is using different technologies to learn. I have even included technology as my change priority goal on my Learning Map.

Mr Kelly, the technology teacher, taught us about circuits last term. He helped us make a railway crossing (not a real one though). The most important part of it was the LED light that goes red, black, red, black (you know like the one on Clyde road, it gets very busy there).

In coding club with Mr Kelly, we got to program awesome Mindstorm robots to go forwards, backwards, right and left. I love new technology and how everything is different. It really makes a difference in our world. My favorite thing about technology is the robots.

Until next time, stay imaginative!


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